• Hands-on studio training with experienced industry professionals.
  • Studio lessons crafted to fit your custom carrer goals.
  • Learn from people that love what they are doing.
  • High efficiency studio training.
  • Learn your way around the studio, on the fly.
  • Studio engineering training that works.
  • Efficient and comprehensive studio training with methods that work.
  • In and industry this crowded, you need the skills to stand out.
  • Put yourself on the fast track.

Experience the advantage of working one on one or in group classes limited to 4 participants. Blink Music's Fly In The Studio (FITS) Studio Training Program combines the advantages of highly trained instructors with real world record production and film scoring experience and a state of the art studio environment.

The FITS program was born out of Blink Music's successful Intern and Engineer training program. It became a reality when we received requests from local musicians, producers and students for a more efficient studio training program in Boston.

Unlike crowded college courses with slow participants limiting your progress, you will find yourself at maximum speed in the FITS program. Large institutions and colleges have to charge for high overhead expenses, the FITS program aims to deliver more value in a shorter period of time. Expect clear and measurable progress during your FITS training. Our instructors are all enthusiastic engineers and producers that work in real life music productions and are eager to share their experience with you. Interview with us to explore whether the FITS program is for you. We are happy to discuss your options and give you our honest feedback. We believe in training that provides a thorough understanding and gives the participants an edge to increase their chances of success in the music industry. We offer courses designed for individuals with different studio goals - check out our curriculum to find out more.