The FITS training program has unique advantages to offer and is unmatched in the Greater Boston area. Check out what current and past FITS students are saying about their experiences in the program with our team.

“I took the Home Studio Recording course along with the Pro Tools course; the combination of the two prevented me from spending hundreds of dollars on equipment and software I was convinced I needed, in addition to showing me how to get what I wanted out of the stuff I do have. I felt that the FITS instructor was patient and yet moved forward quickly.”

- Corey Lynch

“Before studying scoring, orchestration, and studio technology with Tim, I only had a very cursory understanding of these skills and lacked the proficiency and confidence that it takes to work in a professional studio. After spending a year doing weekly one-on-one training with Tim in these areas, however, I was accepted to three graduate school programs in music technology and scoring. In the end, I even turned them down because I was offered a position working with a film composer at Remote Control Productions (former Media Ventures) scoring studios in Los Angeles. Tim helped me find both my talent and interest in scoring; he also started me on the path to using the technology necessary to realize that creativity. Thank you Tim!”

- Josh Klein


“I’ve learned so much about doing things efficiently that I feel I wasted a lot of my time in not taking this course before. I had tried to learn in a friend’s studio but FITS made things much more clear!”

- James Phillipson